Do you know how to get user generated content for your products and brands?

Users take a creative and financial burden off companies, by creating content for them.

Sharing Business
We enable the bundling of communities around your products and brands and engage users to create user generated content for you.

Why Clabster?

Use our platform

We design our modular product custom fit to your products and brands.

Gamification and Challenges

Use Clabster to host user generated content challenges, contest and sweepstakes to promote your products and brands. Our unique randomizer will fit right in to whatever you have in mind.

Source content effortless.

The Randomizer is Clabster’s centerpiece. It combines terms and keywords associated with your products and brands and creates unique and truly individual challenges. This inspires and creatively encourages your users to create content and improves your users engagement with your brands.

Know what’s happening – with Clabster Analytics

Gain insights about your community and find out what they love, disapprove or want more of.

Clabster offers you a lot more

Data Protection, Privacy, Content rights have more impact than ever.

Clabster has you covered. Say goodbye to annoying rights management related to the use of user generated content. We also provide you with our terms of service and privacy policy.


We offer an extensive set of services that leaves nothing to be desired. Enable your communities with a chat, profile and a feedback system.

Support and moderation

If you want it – you got it. Tell us if you want us to moderate your community and we will deliver you a flawless user experience.

Our offer


  • Content using rights
  • Your logo watermarked into the content
  • We provide the Clabster platform
  • Content strategy and concept workshop
  • Planning and organizing of challenges
  • Platform support
  • Moderation
  • Community management
  • Live analytics
  • Extensive summary of traffic

On Request

  • Live campaign changes and improvements
  • Content creation


  • Content using rights
  • Your logo watermarked into the content
  • App design with your corporate UI
  • Own community
  • Chat and profile system
  • App, content and strategy workshops
  • 24/7 Analytics and metrics
  • 24/7 Live campaign changes and improvements
  • 24/7 Support
  • Safety through Clabster's terms of service and privacy policy
  • API interface
  • Usable as long term tool, 12 months+

On Request

  • Moderation
  • Content creation


  • Includes all features of the corporate model

  • Modular sand box version of the platform
  • Design the platform how your customers love it
  • Lead management tool
  • Automatic campaign improvements by user behaviour
  • Automatic and intelligent challenge design

Noah Bode

CEO, your contact person

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We developed Clabster with the apsiration to change the way people create content from the ground up. That is why we started developing a platform in the middle of 2017, which is based on the same Randomizer that is in use of today’s product. We are fascinated by the idea of inspiring people and encouraging them to become creative through random ideas. After we went live with a first beta test in spring of 2018, we changed our path in the beginning of 2019. Today’s Clabster as you know it, concepts itself as a software.